Oliver The Miniature Dachshund - Penman's Pooches


Oliver the Miniature Dachshund from Tildarg, just outside Ballyclare, was the second of my dog models for my Penman's Pooches fundraiser.



From the moment I saw Oliver on Instagram, he was high up on my list of pups to photograph, as part of my new venture, and we managed to arrange a date when he was just a few months old! Oliver made the most of the beautiful countryside around his home, chasing balls around the garden; boldly eating acorns when he thought his owners weren't looking; and teasing the neighbours cat, who had popped over the fence to sit on the wall and observe the fun. After a fun afternoon in the garden, we ventured inside to Oliver’s favourite Sunday spot by the fire - he was so tired, he even allowed us to dress him up in a smart blue bow-tie. Here are a few photos from the shoot - between that beautiful colouring and his puppy dog eyes, he's just too cute to resist!

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