Gnome Sweet Gnome - A Lockdown Photography Project


What do you do when you find yourself in lockdown, unable to venture far from your home for photo opportunities, but itching to get creative in your free time? You take photos of your gnomes of course!

The COVID-19 pandemic led to all sorts of new hobbies. Some people made banana bread, some took home workouts to an Olympic level and some learned a new language, in the hope that someday we might be allowed to venture beyond our own homes. I was a home workout girl, and regularly took myself into the garden for a home circuit. It was during one of these workouts that I looked at my gnomes and saw a photo opportunity.

These photos need no more explanation. We have drunken gnomes, gnome schooling, gnome workouts, granny gnome and a gnome who had quite simply lost its marbles (a little bit like me!).


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