Getting Started With A Lens Ball


Earlier this year, I invested in a crystal lens ball, to push the boundaries of my creativity and breathe life into some of my home photography during the lockdown period.

For those who have not yet experimented with a lens ball, it is a spherical crystal ball that refracts light, reproducing the image in front of it, upside down. Why use a lens ball, I hear you ask? Why not! Just like you, I was a little unsure about the whole “upside down” element, at first. However, once you embrace the creativity, there’s a whole world of options.


In the few short months of experimenting, here are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up:

  • Embrace the upside down life - Sometimes, taking photos upside down creates a whole new perspective. Cityscapes and panoramic views work really well with the lens ball effect - it almost looks as if you’re capturing your subject in a snow globe. 

  • Be careful of the sun - This one is Lens Ball 101. Sunshine might look like the perfect lens ball opportunity, but sunlight refracts through a lens ball, just as if you were starting a fire in the woods - and it burns! 

  • Get a stand - Most lens balls come with a little glass stand, but others attach to a tripod or a caliper stand. Investing in a stand leaves both your hands free to get creative with angles and think outside the ball.

  • Use water - Water creates some really cool effects with your lens ball. Try setting the ball in shallow water, and taking a photo at golden hour. Alternatively, shoot a reflection in water through your lens ball - a double reflection!

  • Join some “lens ball” groups on social media - Sometimes, creativity needs a little helping hand. Searching for lens ball groups on Facebook, or following hashtags like #lensballphotography on Instagram will keep that inspiration flowing and give you ideas for some great shots. 

I bought my lens ball on Amazon - a simple search will take you where you need to go. Add it to your next shopping basket - I dare you!


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