An Icelandic Adventure


If you have any kind of interest in photography, I would strongly advise that you book a ticket to Iceland. Quite simply, it is a photographer’s paradise. In just four days, I saw waterfalls, geysirs, beaches, mountains, and the beautiful city of Reykjavik. I stood on the edge of a glacier, I layered up to hunt down the elusive Northern Lights and I stood with my feet on two different tectonic plates - and I had only covered a tiny part of what Iceland has to offer.

My trip to Iceland was a last-minute solo adventure, and I was initially quite nervous that I’d booked a trip to visit in mid-December, when Iceland would see only a few hours of daylight. Little did I know that this was the perfect time to travel, as these short days meant that the light lingered somewhere between sunrise and sunset all day long. I had quite literally struck gold.


As for locations, I stuck to the tourist trail, mostly as it was my first time visiting and because I preferred the security of a bus tour to going it alone on icy roads! My first day was dedicated to exploring central Reykjavik, checking the main “to-dos” off my bucket list - I visited The Sun Voyager statue, the observation deck of the Perlan, and the famous Hallgrimskirkja church, which might possibly be my favourite church in the whole world.

A word of advice from someone silly - no matter how magical you think it would be to stand at the top of the church as the bells strike on the hour, in reality it is very, very loud, and you will jump out of your skin!


Over the next two days, I visited The Golden Circle and Southern Iceland. Among the highlights here were the majestic Gulfoss waterfall (bitterly cold, but so beautiful!); the incredible Strokkur geysir; and Reynisfjara black sand beach, with bracing winds and crashing waves. Reynisfjara is situated in the most beautiful little village of Vik, which looks just like the design on a Toblerone box!


There is so much I still want to enjoy in Iceland, including the Diamond Beach, a return visit to Skogafoss and a trip to Seljalandsfoss waterfall, as you can walk behind if conditions are favourable. But I will always remember my incredible first trip, when I fell in love with a beautiful country.

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