A Forest Walk With Bonnie - Penman's Pooches


Meet Bonnie, my first doggie photoshoot and a lovely way to get started with my Penman’s Pooches fundraiser. One of the fringe benefits of promoting my fundraiser on social media was the opportunity to get back in touch with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. We took a walk to Ballyboley Forest, just outside Ballyclare, Co. Antrim. If you haven’t been, be sure to take a walk - it’s beautiful at every time of year.

Before the shoot, Bonnie’s owner Shelley had advised me that Bonnie was an old rescue dog, and that they wanted to capture some memories whilst she was still active. Immediately, I envisaged a slow-paced shoot, that would give me time to come up with angles, get a feel for a new style of photography, and ease into my project - boy, was I wrong, because Bonnie had an abundance of energy! It took a very long walk, a quick shutter speed, and a LOT of dog treats to achieve the shots I wanted, but luckily that meant that the sun was setting as we returned to the car, creating some beautiful, golden hour forest scenes.



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